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Annual Membership Fiscal Year

Annual Memberships run from March 1st thru the end of February the following year. Example: 2019 membership is good March 1, 2019 thru Feb. 29, 2020.

Purchase or renew by:

  • Registering Online
  • Attending a meeting (held the last Tuesday of the month at 7 PM)
  • Attend a club function
  • Contact a board member or officer


Individual annual memberships 

  • $35 USD 
  • Membership for one person 18 or older

Family annual memberships 

  • $50 USD
  • Includes spouse and children 18 and under living with a primary member.

Lifetime membership 

Lifetime memberships are only available in person. To enquire or purchase please contact the Secretary

  • $500 USD
  • Membership for the life of one individual

Membership FAQ's

  1. It went to your Junk or SPAM folder. This is something WE cannot control. It’s controlled at the user level. The best way to prevent email from going to the SPAM or Junk folder is to whitelist our email by adding it to your contacts list.

    If you have checked your SPAM and Junk folder and still do not see it, please do a search on all folders for in the “from” field or search for the “Subject: The Cedar Mills Gun Club information you will need”

  2. Make sure you check ALL email addresses you own. It might be that you’re checking the wrong email. We know, we think its silly too, but sometimes people register with one email and check another email for their Membership credentials.

  3. Still can’t find it? Contact us and let us know which email you registered with and we will be more than happy to check into this further for you.


Most likely, it’s because you unsubscribed or you were unsubscribed due to inactivity. If that’s the case, you will need to re-subscribe by using this form.

NOTE: This form will NOT activate membership. It will only add you back into our mailing list.

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