CMGC Is Available to Rent

A signed contract and date-hold deposit in the amount of $75.00 must be received to reserve your date(s) and time(s).

  1. Please contact us through Email, Facebook message or phone to verify the date availability.
  2. Consider the following:
    • The balance of your space rental fee is due thirty (30) days prior to your event and is $200 per day.
    • Payments should be made to Cedar Mills Gun Club – cash or check is accepted
    • No refunds of the space rental fees will be given 25 days prior to an event, as your agreement to rent on this date may cause the loss of additional bookings or business
  3. Post-event, if the facility is returned to the pre-event condition, we will shred your damage deposit.


  1. Renter agrees to comply with all applicable city, county, state, and federal laws and shall conduct no illegal act on the premises. This is a drug-free and non-smoking facility at all times, with no exceptions.
  2. Renter shall not sell alcohol on the premises at any time.
  3. The renter may not serve alcohol to minors on the premises at any time.
  4. Renter agrees, for everyone’s safety, to ensure alcoholic beverages are consumed in a responsible manner.


  1. The clubhouse will be in a clean condition prior to your event.
  2. Following the event, you are required to return the space to the same clean condition in which it was found.
    1. This includes
      • trash is taken out (dumpster in back)
      • tables and chairs put away
      • and floors swept and mopped if necessary.
      • Failure to do so will result in deposit refund loss