Promoting Shooting Sports Safely & Ethically

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Welcome to Cedar Mills Gun Club!

We are a local club located near Cedar Mills, Minnesota.

We offer our members:

  • Gun Safety education classes,
  • league events,
  • a medium distance (50 yds to 250 yds) rifle range,
  • a separate pistol range,
  • and an archery range.

We offer our community access to a large Club House for meetings, gatherings, and events.

We promote shooting sports safely and ethically.

Members Only Access

The range is open to members and immediate family under the age of 18 only.

Please do not be offended if someone asks to see your membership. We recommend you carry your membership card to the range.

Range Closures

When the RANGE CLOSED signs are posted, the range is CLOSED! It is the members responsibility to check the website CALENDAR for range closures. 

(Range closures are not common; however it is closed for certain club events and training)

Be Responsible

Shooters are responsible for their rounds staying within the confines of this range. It is the members responsibility to be sure the range, backstop and beyond are clear of others and maintain that awareness through out their session.